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Coming 2017: CereMetrix®

Introducing CereMetrix® – the world’s most advanced healthcare analytical engine and ever-expanding brain diagnostics database.

With CereMetrix® precision medicine and advanced processing capabilities, value-based care meets speed and greater accuracy. Our patented healthcare analytical engine distills the valuable data physicians collect – from imaging, clinical history, symptoms, lab tests and more — into actionable insights so providers can make better, faster diagnostic decisions without compromising value-based care.


Our platform’s advanced image processing detects tiny brain abnormalities down to the voxel level and provides the data behind it.


CereMetrix® allows all users to better leverage large amounts of healthcare data by pinpointing correlations without the need for statisticians or data scientists.


CereMetrix® distills the valuable data physicians collect into actionable insights so providers can make better, faster diagnostic decisions.


The CereMetrix® healthcare library includes thousands of research articles to help support your findings. Articles can easily be pulled by searching relevant terms.

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About Brooklyn

Powering CereMetrix®

CereMetrix Healthcare Analytics

Slated for a 2017 release date, CereMetrix’s patented precision analytics ecosystem is designed to help improve the way complex brain disorders are diagnosed and treated by providing researchers and medical practitioners with quantitative imaging data and clinical information analysis through advanced processing. Today, the ever-expanding data warehouse includes over 7,000 scan encounters, including patients’ medical histories, family histories, symptoms, prior treatments, incoming diagnoses, outgoing diagnoses and brain scan data.

Search Our Ever-Expanding Database

Each CereScan patient has a unique medical history and neurological makeup. After undergoing neuropsychological assessments and two separate functional brain scans providing quantitative data, the information is then processed and cataloged within CereMetrix, along with the patient’s full medical history, clinical symptomology, and demographic information. By aggregating and integrating this valuable clinical information, CereMetrix can effectively identify combinations of clinical characteristics and perfusion (blood flow) patterns associated with specific chronic brain disorders.

Distill Valuable Patient Data

CereMetrix also includes hundreds of searchable data elements including each patient’s clinical history, family history, immunizations, presenting symptoms, prior diagnoses, medications and previous treatments, along with a library of high-definition, statistically mapped functional brain images analyzing up to 160 regions of the brain. Our patient records represent a broad spectrum of conditions such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), toxic brain injury, Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, autism, depression and other brain disorders. As it continues to grow, the system will become an integrated database with increasingly precise data, and will provide a set of protocols designed to support research and diagnostic applications for patients suffering from chronic brain disorders.

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