AD’s Heterogeneous Nature

John Kelley, Chairman and CEO of CereHealth Corp, was a featured speaker at a Digital Pathology & Precision Medicine Symposium on September 4, 2020, which was hosted by Dr. Rhoda Au, Professor of Anatomy & Neurobiology, Neurology, and Epidemiology at Boston University’s School of Medicine.  The conference was organized by Oxford Global (UK), and focused on how technology can redefine the clinical trial pipeline, using Alzheimer’s Disease studies and their methods for data collection and analysis as a point of reference.

CereHealth’s cloud-based, scalable, AI platform, illumeAI, used for multivariable analysis of quantitative biomarkers featured prominently in Mr. Kelley’s presentation on, “Precision Analytics:  Stratification for Finding The Right Treatment, for The Right Person, at The Right Time.”  Using a cohort sample from its database of 4,800+ patients, and applying its graph modeling and analysis capabilities he was able to highlight for the 500 attendees how the heterogeneous nature of Alzheimer’s Disease complicates diagnosis, treatment, and the design and testing of new drugs.

“It was a rare opportunity for CereHealth to demonstrate to a global audience the critical need and impact that technology has on population health through the lens of a universal public health crisis,” said John after the symposium concluded.

John Kelley

Chairman & CEO

CereHealth Corp.