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CereMetrix® Advanced Brain qSPECT Workflow

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Analyze Imaging Data from
Multiple Modalities and Exams

Extend what’s possible with powerful image analysis features from the CereMetrix® Advanced Brain qSPECT Analysis package. Adding on to the CereMetrix® Brain qSPECT Workflow, this package features multi-modality image fusion and pre/post comparison analysis to help physicians and researchers make better decisions faster.

Gain Insight from Multi-Modality Image Fusion

The CereMetrix® image fusion tool provides analysis for spatial alignment (matching) and visualization of image data either from different modalities or from the same modality but from multiple exams of the same patient. Users can leverage fused anatomical and functional information to help support better diagnostic outcomes and treatment planning.


Keeping Patient Data Secure is Our Highest Priority

The CereMetrix® platform uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to encrypt patient data in flight and at rest to more than meet HIPAA compliance standards. Have questions about our security safeguards?  Contact Us. 

Measure Change with Pre/Post Comparison Data Analysis

The  CereMetrix® pre/post comparison tool is designed to help providers better monitor disease progression and treatment effectiveness. The feature provides automated percent change analysis of counts and z-scores for up to 120 regions.


A Novel Approach to a Normative Dataset for Clinical Brain SPECT

The CereMetrix® composite average dataset is anything but normal. It’s dynamic. Our approach combines 1,000+ heterogeneous patient SPECT brain scans and will continue to grow with every new patient scanned.

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Advanced Brain qSPECT Analysis

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