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If you’re performing SPECT brain studies, the CereMetrix® Brain qSPECT Report is intended to provide an additional tool in the quantification of complex neurological and psychiatric conditions. It supports the HMPAO (Tc-99m exametazime) tracer to allow for the automatic quantification of SPECT tracer binding in anatomical regions. Every qSPECT study is compared against CereMetrix’s proprietary composite average dataset of 1,000+ heterogeneous patients.

Atypical Cluster and Region Identification

The report includes images of voxel-level clusters that fall outside of average perfusion levels.

Z-Score Analysis

The average z-score for hypo- and/or hyper-perfused voxels is given to atypical brain regions identified by CereMetrix®.

Region-Level Statistical Metrics

A statistical analysis of hypo- and hyper-perfusion can be given to 120 brain regions.


A Novel Approach to a Normative Dataset for Clinical Brain SPECT

The CereMetrix® platform utilizes a composite average dataset that combines 1,000 heterogeneous patient SPECT brain scans that have been acquired and analyzed using consistent protocols and processing techniques.

We compared our dataset to control dataset in a well-established commercial product, which revealed our approach to be viable alternative to traditional smaller normal datasets. A whitepaper detailing our approach is available upon request.


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