CereMetrix® Advanced Brain qSPECT Workflow

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From an electronic intake to automated quantification and statistical analysis; multiplanar reconstruction; annotate and capture capabilities; and standardized reporting, the CereMetrix® Brain qSPECT Workflow package includes all the features you need in one easily integrable platform.


CereMetrix® is designed to increase speed and accuracy by automatically detecting, quantifying and analyzing brain function down to the voxel level.

Voxel-Level Z-Score Analysis

Automatic z-score analysis of regions and clusters that fall outside of average perfusion levels.

Annotate & Capture

The CereMetrix® viewer features a built-in dictation system that auto populates to the final report.

Region-Level Statistical Metrics

Automatic statistical analysis of hypo- and hyper-perfused areas in up to 120 brain regions.


Keeping Patient Data Secure is Our Highest Priority

The CereMetrix® platform uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to encrypt patient data in flight and at rest to more than meet HIPAA compliance standards. Have questions about our security safeguards?  Contact Us. 


From a customizable intake to a built-in dictation system that auto populates to the final report, CereMetrix® unites critical components of the reading radiologist workflow.

Electronic Intake with Clinical Review

The CereMetrix® intake tool is a brain-focused clinical questionnaire that can be given and reviewed by one of our clinicians or yours.

Easy-to-Access Supporting Literature

The CereMetrix® library includes thousands of peer-reviewed articles to help support your findings.

Standardized & Comprehensive Reporting

CereMetrix® automates report creation and delivery and helps improve consistency through the use of structure and templated reporting.

CereMetrix® Users


Integrated brain-focused medical and clinical history intake tool delivered electronically


Multiplanar & 3-D models of Z-score measurements and clustering of perfusion levels


Voxel-level comparisons to 1,000+ heterogeneous patient composite average database


Decision-support tool offering quantitative, statistical analysis of atypical perfusion across 120 brain regions

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