Providers & Researchers 

Access to Objective Data

Providers and researchers deserve access to the same tools that the radiologists use to generate their impressions and findings for patients and study participants.

Healthcare and research are powered by data. Data integrity is paramount for us at CereMetrix Ai, which is why we have standardized everything from data collection through processing and quantification. Increase the likelihood of a successful treatments and clinical trials with our automated quantification instead of relying on subjective symptom-based outcomes. Users will have access to:

  • Standardized electronic patient data collection that can be customized for the needs of your practice or study

  • Robust collection, processing, and analysis practices that lead to more accurate publications

  • A browser-based tool that accelerates collaboration and communication for multi-site studies

  • Automated quantification that ensures objectivity and consistency

  • Advanced 2D and 3D image visualization to provide perspectives and insights that might typically go unnoticed

  • Pre/post comparisons to evaluate effects of treatments and therapies on patient health

  • Longitudinal analysis to track disease progression or treatment impacts over time

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