The Platform

FDA-cleared decision support and workflow management tool for functional brain imaging and analytics of SPECT, PET, MRI and CT

Browser-based. Cloud-enabled. HIPAA-compliant.

Your patient’s data is accessible anytime, from anywhere, in a HIPAA-compliant, secured and encrypted environment.

Advanced Visualizations

Innovative 2D and 3D reconstructions, cluster analysis, cortical surface and internal structure projections, and multi-modal slice synchronization

Composite Average Dataset

The quantitative analysis of SPECT brain imaging is dependent on comparisons to a small number static “normal” control subjects, which are heavily protected and difficult to produce. Normative datasets typically have less than 100 subjects.

QSPECT® offers an alternative approach that combines 2,000+ heterogeneous patient SPECT brain scans and will continue to grow with each new patient scanned. When large numbers of heterogeneous subjects are averaged at the voxel level, the result produces a composite averaged resembling normal subjects (patent awarded).

We compared our dataset to a control dataset in a well established commercial product, which revealed our approach to be a viable alternative to a traditional smaller normal dataset.

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Additional Features

Automated quantification and statistical analysis

Annotate and capture capabilities

Voxel-level, z-score analysis by regions and clusters

Multi-modality viewer and image fusion

Electronic intake

Standardized reporting

Sample Reports

Traumatic Brain Injury



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