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For radiologists and technicians embracing cutting-edge technology, CereMetrix Ai provides an opportunity to deliver impactful reads with the most advanced quantification software on the market.

We’ve worked with radiologists for over a decade. We know there are many options for reading softwares, but at CereMetrix Ai we’ve handpicked the best features, and created a few of our own, to assemble a tool that’s easy to access, easy to use, and easy to trust. Our end-to-end functional imaging decision support and workflow management platform delivers on these promises by providing:

  • A software tool that you can access wherever you have an internet connection

  • Relevant medical history to put your patient’s condition in context

  • Data that was acquired, processed, and analyzed in a standardized fashion to ensure consistency and confidence

  • Advanced 2D and 3D visualization to provide perspectives and insights that might typically go unnoticed

  • An interactive interface that lets you, quite literally, see everything

  • Fusion capabilities to isolate where structural and functional abnormalities coexist

  • Integrated annotation and screen capture tools that send output directly to your report

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