Slide The industry's only FDA-cleared, browser-based, decision support and workflow management tool for functional brain imaging and analytics

Learn More Visualize 2D, 3D and intensity values of z-score measurements and clustering of perfusion levels in 120 brain regions Evaluate Report Autogenerated reports combining medical history, radiologist annotations, screen captures and image derived statistics Voxel-level quantification and analysis powered by comparisons to a 2,000-patient dataset CereMetrix®

CereMetrix Ai Users

The CereMetrix® Platform is cloud enabled and browser based, which means data is secured in an accessible, HIPAA compliant environment.
Data is available anytime and anywhere for all users, including:

Hospitals &
Imaging Centers

Access and manage patient data from clinical intake questionnaires, neuropsychological evaluations, imaging assessments, clinical reports, and more.

Radiologists &

Perform clinical reads, run and evaluate advanced image processing algorithms, and complete longitudinal analysis…all from a web browser.

Providers &

Track patient data longitudinally across multiple assessments and facilitate integration with advanced data analytic platforms.

Platform Features

From intake, through imaging and analysis, to the final report, our integrable platform helps providers access the patient’s data from anywhere to deliver faster, more accurate patient care

  • Browser-based and cloud-enabled

  • Complete patient management tool for clinics, studies, and trials

  • Integrated electronic clinical intake

  • Access to FDA-cleared and research-only quantitative imaging algorithms

  • Integrated clinical assessments like cognitive screening

  • Advanced 2D and 3D visualizations including MIPs, segmentations, and more

  • Comprehensive clinical read management


Advanced visualization, analytics and reporting tools for functional brain imaging

QSPECT® Analysis

Clinical Intake & Reporting

Enabling Novel Methods

FDA-cleared, browser-based, decision support and workflow management tool for functional brain imaging and

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Automated quantification of SPECT perfusion studies in 120 regions of the brain, powered by comparisons to 2,000-patient dataset

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Dataset of 2,000 heterogeneous patient SPECT brain scans averaged at the voxel level producing a composite average resembling normal subjects

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The Process

How Does CereMetrix Ai Work in A Clinical Setting?

Patient data is populated through electronic intake questionnaires, integrations with 3rd party systems, or manually through the web interface. Image data is pushed directly from the originating PACS system to the CereMetrix environment.

Using DICOM metadata, images are automatically routed through FDA-cleared or research-only advanced processing algorithms (such as our own QSPECT® Analysis)

A clinical read is assigned to a radiologist, who can access all data for a patient’s study (including image acquisitions, analysis outputs, and prior imaging) in a web-based viewer. The interface facilitates the population of findings and impressions fields and enables the creation of annotations and image captures.

All patient data is consolidated with dictations and image captures from the radiological review process in a templated report, providing a comprehensive summary of the patient’s status that can be accessed or downloaded through the browser.

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