FDA-Cleared Radiology Tool for qSPECT Brain Imaging Analysis

What used to take hours, now only takes minutes with CereMetrix®: A browser-based, workflow management tool for functional brain imaging analysis. From intake, through imaging and analytics, to the final report, our easily integrable platform helps providers deliver faster, more accurate patient care.


The CereMetrix® intake tool is a brain-focused, patient-centered medical and clinical history questionnaire providing valuable insights to the reading radiologist.

CereMetrix® Brain qSPECT Report: Automated Analysis & Quantification of 120 Regions
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CereMetrix’s algorithms compare patient’s qSPECT studies against a proprietary composite average database of 1,000+ heterogeneous patients and calculate voxel-level measurements in 120 anatomical regions.

CereMetrix® Brain qSPECT Workflow Solution: Intake, Viewer & Report in a Single Platform
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CereMetrix’s viewer provides multiplanar reconstruction and interactive 3-D modeling of z-score measurements and clustering representations.

CereMetrix® Brain qSPECT Analysis Platform: Multi-Modality Image Fusion & Pre/Post Comparisons
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CereMetrix® is a decision-support tool, offering quantitative and statistical analysis of atypical perfusion patterns, and correlation of regions of interests to other pertinent biomarkers.

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